Holding up the Mirror

Holding up the Mirror


Holding up the mirror is a soul searching process. A leadership retreat works on the self, roles, and systems that leaders belong to. This is anchored by a team of the low ratio of facilitators, who are trained in human process work. A typical leadership retreat is a residential program for four days. The facilitators also live through the program.

Here, leaders go through a series of full size and small group activities. These help them to get in touch and seek an understanding of their vulnerabilities, behavior patterns, and value systems. They also make more meaning of the roles they play and the socio-philosophical structure of the roles they take. At the next level the leaders work to develop an understanding of the system and nature of the organization they create together.


This process work significantly accelerates the interpersonal relationship across the leadership team. It builds the individual and collective leadership perspective on organization building. The expectations from them and the roles they play in life are many clearers as they emerge out of the retreat.

An internal infrastructure of following through is also set up in the organization. This builds a valuable space in spite of distractions from the daily run. This has helped our clients continue to hold up the mirror and sustain soul searching.


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