Enable your HR Team

HR Team is beyond administrative matters, capacitate them to add significant value

We, at Kriate, help organisations to transform the HR function. We help organisations in value creation, lowering costs, productivity and higher-quality processes. When clients need improvements in specific HR Processes. We help them on Projects basis. We help clients to diagnose, prioritise and build piece by piece, like Jig-saw puzzle. Doing so, our clients get the complete HR Function in its place.

Some of our clients engage avail our HR Advisory Services. They engage us complementing the function along side. Line manager partnerships with HR function has significantly improved in such engagements. Our clients engage us for Managed HR Services when they need HR services at world class level. In our offering, Managed HR Services, we play the role of HR to the employees of client organisation. We deliver all the HR Services at world class standards.

HR Transformation

HR Strategy

Strategic HR Plans are the blue print and operational guidelines for HR Departments. It significantly helps in integrating HR function into overarching company objectives…

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Restructuring HR Function

We help clients anchor HR on corporate goals. It makes organisation to be well positioned now and in the future. It also drives change in the organisation…

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HR Competencies

Many a times HR team members a have gap in expertise required for optimum HR competency. We help identify learning programs as required for the HR professional to take up…

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HR Metrics

The following trends attribute to a growing importance of HR measurement: a. need to cut costs, b. increased financial accountability and c. emerging role of HR as a provider of strategic business intelligence. HR Technology spend, is highest on HR metrics…

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HR – Line Partnerships

Increased HR functional effectiveness improves business unit revenue performance and business unit profitability. The HR business partner (HRBP) is the role that is most directly linked to driving HR’s strategic impact …

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