Implementing a Cultural Change

Implementing a Cultural Change

We believe Organisation culture is about incorporating values and mission into everyday activities. Our process of working with Culture often involves needs assessment, training, and evaluation. Through this framework, it would help us work specific to your organization’s culture.

  • Needs Assessment

    This process entails gathering and analyzing data. Data about current culture, the desired and gaps, are gathered. Data gathering is through observation, reviewing existing documentation, interviews, and employee surveys.

  • Executive Direction

    Our next step would be a workshop with the leadership team, where they can discuss inputs from the needs assessment. The retreat results in a variety of “products.” It includes philosophy,standards for success, role definitions, and other leadership decisions. These products will combine to define and develop a new culture.

  • Infrastructure

    Systems, procedures, and policies would need to aligned or implemented to support change. Among others, we look at addressing role expectations, accountability, rewards, and selection systems.

  • Collateral Organization

    Will the organization make use of a steering committee, action teams, groups, or a subset of the leadership team to execute the change? Define and put in place the new culture.

  • Training

    Clearly define and implement any training for employees and managers. This is necessary to ensure that role expectations for the new culture are met.

  • Evaluation

    Establishing mechanisms to monitor the progress of culture change. We continue to assess against expected results defined during the executive direction step.

  • Communication

    Consistent communication, in a language, that ushers expected culture, is critical. We work with you to design, implement, and fine-tune communication, the key to sustainable change.

We have worked with clients through each one of the key stages. We have also provided recommendations and solutions wherever they are in the process of building culture.