Restructuring HR Function

Restructuring HR Function

During the last decade, HR Function’s reinvention is evidenced by the following:

  • HR functions becoming both centralized and decentralized
  • HR center of expertise are being established
  • HR generalists are working directly with line managers
  • Decreasing ratios of HR professionals to employees
  • Defining roles and responsibilities of line managers and human resource professionals


We help clients consistently link HR to overall corporate goals. This helps to be well-positioned now and in the future and to drive change in the organization. In doing so we help clients look at every aspect of the HR department, analyze for the long term, implement a communication strategy, find comprehensive and broad-based solutions.


  • Restructuring to provide full HR services on a reduced budget was the goal of an assignment. We responded with these three focus agenda to enable the same
  • Redesign HR to improve efficiency, eliminate unnecessary services, and move some functions to line managers
  • Restructure HR to provide a full-service strategic organization, not just a compliance/processing role during budget reductions
  • Review and revise HR staff salaries



The result was that HR reversed some of the progress it had made on the “strategic HR” goal. That said, improved efficiency and reduced HR services, cut the HR budget.


Looking at the structure and effectiveness of HR teams has been a key differentiator for our clients.