Goal Alignment Workshops

Goal Alignment Workshops

The objective is to set an organization up for success. We have seen this achieved by consistently focusing on the actual realization of goals. These goals have to be crafted and aligned with business goals. We typically take a two-pronged approach toward embedding and enabling a strong track record of goalrealization. It consists of executive-level goal alignment workshops and an organization-wide goal cascade. Executives come together in a one-day off-site workshop, to align their annual performance goals. Deployment of a state-of-the-art online performance management system enables goal transparency and real-time goal management.

This approach is unique in its focus on hard-and-fast goal achievement in addition to the corporate-wide alignment. We have seen that this practice overcomes a critical failure of many traditional processes. It addresses common stumbling blocks such as overlapping accountabilities, redundant or conflicting performance goals, as well as a lack of clear action steps. Addressing these blocks has helped our clients promote individual and organizational performance.


Goal-alignment cascade fosters clarity of goals and alignment of efforts at the top of the pyramid. The CEO and senior executives highly value the outcome of the goal-alignment process. Their push to embed the cascade into each year’s fiscal planning process has enabled consistent drive to success for our clients


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