The Performance Gap

The Performance Gap

How can organizations best leverage individual performance to improve business results? An endemic inability to guarantee business results keeps the CHROs ,CEO and CEO’s awake. This is despite extensive, often rigorous performance management systems and processes.

  • Inadequate Manager Focus

    Managers are supportive of performance management in principle. However, many factors prevent them from dedicating time and effort to performance management. Managers often see little incentive to focus resources on performance management.

  • Insufficient Manager Skills

    We have experienced that many managers lack the skill to do performance management activities. Managers often have difficulty assessing and improving employee performance.

  • Narrowly Defined Ownership

    Moving beyond the manager as sole “owner” of performance enables a canvas. Organizations require new structures that define multiple owners for an individual’s performance. This has helped our clients leverage these owners’ unique contributions to an employee’s development.

  • Disconnect with Strategy

    Performance management systems are inadequately linked to the organization’s business drivers. We have experienced that poor design leads to suboptimal results. It also causes unclear values and loss of high-return talent. Most critically, it leads to little or no impact on business results.

  • Failure to Execute

    Even after linking performance management to business drivers, organizations fail to see improvement. This is because their system does not enable efficient execution across business units to achieve goals.

We have helped organizations focus on strategies that enhance capability. This improves individual and business performance. Eventually, business results see positive movement.