Leadership Development Strategy

Leadership Development Strategy


Many leadership development executives seek to develop a holistic strategy for their organization. In many cases it has been challenging. High degrees of variation in development efforts result in redundant and inconsistent initiatives.

An uncoordinated strategy is characterized by a lack of consistency. Both the definition of leadership and the leadership development programs employed create inconsistencies.

A fragmented approach to leadership development contributes to inconsistency in the quality of initiatives. We have seen that it limits opportunities for collaboration across businesses or functions. Also, it creates confusion regarding the company’s leadership standards and expectations. As a result, companies with uncoordinated strategies have suffered a waste of valuable resources. They struggle to build leadership bench strength for their future. This fragmentation also causes disengagement among leaders and their teams.

We have helped develop and implement major coherent objectives and organization-wide strategy. We do this by establishing a common language of leadership. In addition, focusing development on key people, positions, and transitions support the process. Integrating leadership development with talent management is a major differentiator for successful initiatives.


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