Stretch Assignments for Leadership Development

Stretch Assignments for Leadership Development


Developing leaders is a journey for every organization. It requires consistent effort and an eye for potential development.

Express assignments with action learning potential assist in the development of leadership skills. These provide challenges through a series of varied positions and job responsibilities. They provide 2 things at one shot: a. High potential executives with challenges, b. Implementing solutions to real problems faced by the organization.

The term ‘stretch assignment’ is subjective. We define ‘Stretch’ according to what an individual finds challenging relative to their own experience. In addition to this subjectivity, there are changing business scenarios as well. Therefore this type of activity cannot be defined or shaped in one rigid format year after year.

We have done programs that comprise of employees working on projects, with people from diverse functions. This is used to prepare people for senior management positions.

We have developed the program structure specific to the clients’ internal realities. These realities include business challenges, leadership pipeline, future plans, and learning infrastructure.

Effective Stretch Assignments have shown results in aspects like Performance appraisals, Employee satisfaction surveys, External versus internal hiring at the leadership level, and Leadership retention rates.